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I'm a bit anxious about my job interview tomorrow, so no long-winded Bobby squees shall be inundating your web space today. I am loth to break my #DeolDhamaka posting streak for the month though, so... have a placeholder entry with Bobby gif instead (yours sighs of relief, I can hear them :P)!

Bonus Fun Fact: Despite living in Australia in the film Soldier Preity's character appears to be a staunch kiwi supporter, she has such good taste. That or the clueless costume designer subconsciously does.
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2nd-Mar-2011 07:20 am - ♫ Teri adaaon pe marta hoon...
SoldierTitle: Barsaat
Year: 1995
Director: Rajkumar Santoshi
Screenplay: Rajkumar Santoshi, Shyam Gupta
Cinematographer: Santosh Sivan
Actors: Bobby Deol, Twinkle Khanna
Music: Nadeem Shravan

So after losing my head and heart to YPD, Bobby's latest film, I thought it would be apt to look at his very first one - Barsaat!

Barsaat, oddly enough, has barely any rain scenes...the hero is called Badal though, which means "cloud" so maybe they were going for some metaphor of -the season of love- or something? Anyhow...

This post is dedicated to the lovely rubidium11 . When I was squeeing about being Bobby-obsessed post-YPD and was tweeting about watching songs of his on Youtube she reminded me of Barsaat and mentioned it is one of her guilty pleasures, which is how I ended up checking it out. Thanks Roubeena :D

Barsaat is actually going straight into my list of favourite desi films. It had absolutely lovely songs. I had heard them often in the 90s ofcourse but had forgotten over the years what film they were from so I'm glad to have rediscovered what those gems belong to.

Apart from the songs though I also found the lead hero Badal so endearing that if I could marry fictitious characters Badal would be pretty high on that list! Badal's a sweet, caring, kind guy but he also has a great sense of humour, which is what I fell for really. I enjoyed how the characterisation was pretty consistent throughout, at least for the lead jodi.

The movie uses some of my favourite filmi staples. Nok jhok between the lead pair, the jodi getting lost in a jungle, the jodi ending up in a gaon...all those classic set ups have been put to use but even though you have seen them a million times Barsaat still pulls them off with a certain charm that ensures you enjoy the ride. Also in one case it pretended to use a filmi staple only to subvert it thereby providing us with a plot twist, which was neat.

My favourite thing about Barsaat was ofcourse Bobby Deol. For his first film, this was actually a pretty stellar performance. I know I am biased by my Deol Deewanagi but I reckon even without that this was a very good début... The movie did "above average" at the Box Office and Bobby did win the Filmfare Best Début Award so that's something I guess. Anyway, Barsaat gets a thumbs up from this nakhrewali so if you have seen it already now is the perfect time to get back into nostalgia mode and if you haven't read on to see what you are missing out on :P

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Bonus Fun Facts:

1. The Deols went to Scotland to shoot the tiger scene. They were aware that certain unethical places in India would sew the tiger's mouth so instead they opted to work with a guy in Scotland who had a sanctury which allowed the filming of animals with humans while ensuring the animals were treated well.
2. During the making of Barsaat Sunny Deol took a break from his own films so he could devote time to helping with his younger brother's début film. The KwK interview where Bobby says no brother would put a stop to their career like that except him and Sunny says one doesn't think like that was just so heartwarming <3

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1st-Mar-2011 12:03 am - Yamla Pagla Deewana: The 3D Dhamaka
Title: Yamla Pagla Deewana
Year: 2011
Director: Samir Karni
Story: Jasvinder Bhat
Actors: Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Kulraj Randhawa, Anupam Kher

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So yeah 5800 words later I am guessing it is obvious to everyone and their aunty that I really, really enjoyed Yamla Pagla Deewana! 

p.s. most of the pics came from here.
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28th-Feb-2011 08:26 pm - Let the Deol deewanagi begin...
Importance announcement is important!

This March some of us Bollywood bloggers are getting together to celebrate the dinchakness of the dashing Deol family. So if you want to reminisce about Garam Dharam or Dreamgirl Hema, dissect the action hero image of Dhai kilo ke haath waale Sunny Deol, swoon over his younger brother (my favourite!) Bobby Deol, shower some attention on their neglected sister Esha Deol, or squee about  their charming cousin Abhay Deol...there is no better time than the present! So take to your blogs my friends and tell us what you love about these Punjabi jatts, share your favourite film of theirs, what songs picturisations of theirs you like...Deol Dhamaka mein sab kuch chalta hai (anything goes in Deol Dhamaka)!

For a list of some of the Deol Dhamaka participants check out this post at Bollystalgia. And consider this a forewarning guys, major Bobby spammage forthcoming. You better get your balle balle on!
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As you all probably know on 22 February at 12.51pm New Zealand's Canterbury region in the South Island was rocked by a violent 6.3 magnitude earthquake. It still seems so hard to comprehend. In the North Island in Wellington my colleague and I were having lunch outside and taking a stroll, the day was calm and nothing out of the ordinary. 10 minutes later when we got back to the building another colleague asked us if we had felt the earthquake. Apparently the lights had been swaying and there was some shaking, someone described it as just "a gentle, rolling one". Nothing to really be worried about.

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The city that will rise from the devastation of 22 February will be significantly different to the Christchurch of before but the spirit of resilience and the courage of Cantabrians will no doubt be its strength in the future as it is now. We're all thinking of you Christchruch, you WILL get through this.

[+] Christchurch quake at a glance
[+] In their words: stories from Christchurch
[+] Pictures
[+] PM John Key's speech
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My cool as vintage filmi header, let me show you it!


Don't ask how long it took to stitch together though.
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7th-Feb-2011 01:37 am - Learning is fun!
My first ~graphic cause I realised way too late it's too tiny to qualify as a wallpaper and animated gif ever wheeeeeeee

u can haz poetic botany wp nao


for the LOLZ

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IndiscretionIndiscretion by Jude Morgan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I shall preface this review by saying that I agree heartily with all before me who have compared this book to Heyer's and found it up to snuff. What a gem this has turned out to be!

Indiscretion follows the fortunes of Caroline Fortune, daughter of a theatre-loving Captain whose foolhardy schemes and expensive tastes ensure that the pair are always one step away from financial ruin. When their future looks too bleak to avoid by daydreaming about what he will purchase with his non-existent wealth the Captain decides to find his daughter a suitable position that may secure her future at least. This 'suitable' position turns out to be that of a companion to a scheming, attention-seeking old dragon by the name of Mrs Caitling, who is very wealthy, often bored and always caustic. From here begins Caroline's tale which moves from despondent drudgery to contentment through a quagmire of unwanted confidences, unsolicited advances, tragedy, reconciliation, kindness, hope, quarrels, friendship, indecision, accusations, scandal, and resolve.

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My only nitpick would be the use of present tense in certain passages which seemed to distract from the flow of the book and seemed more self indulgent than a necessity. But we all must have our weaknesses and so one shall make allowances for that given that the rest of the narrative was tightly written, emotionally engaging and above all fun. Heck I even enjoyed the punctuations in this book, especially the use of the colon.

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I'm In Your Dream, And You In Mine, Or Something

That moment in the tram
when I want to brush away your hair
    almost do
But don't.

That moment in the car
when I want to comfort you
    almost do
But don't.

this little space
in between   
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30th-Nov-2010 02:55 am - What's the use of love in thoughts?
I expected Love in Thoughts to be a leave-your-head-in-a-mess kind of a movie and so it was. Between Brideshead Revisited, The Great Gatsby and this movie the 1920s really appear to be some sort of beautiful journey that always ends in a gruesome train wreck. And I mean beautiful in a purely superficial sense, referring to the heights of decadence these characters seem to be surrounded by. Unfortunately their idle minds that make too much of their emotions and seem to suffer from tunnel vision inevitably lead to their downfall...

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Taken at face value this movie depicts a lifestyle that is not much different to the hedonistic and wild life that youth today appear to indulge in, including partying when the parents have left on a holiday through a series of alcohol binges, sexual trysts, gatecrashing, and drunken singing, as well as the angst that they wallow in. However the movie has been artfully crafted to develop a poignant narrative that is neither pretentious nor crude. I found Paul, Günther and Elli to be quiet sympathetic characters whose fates I became invested in while Hilde and Hans frustrated me, as I suppose they were meant to. The light piano pieces, summer scenes, and sense of ennui linger long after the end credits roll. Indeed I found myself mulling over many of its moments, as is evident from this write up. The movie's pace may be slow but only because, like the characters it depicts, it believes in savouring the small moments rather than hurrying to a destination. It prefers to dwell on quiet moments of solitude, companionable silences and haunting statements and does so with the art of a poet. It may not suit everyone's palette but it certainly managed to engage me on a lazy summer afternoon.

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24th-Nov-2010 07:40 pm(no subject)
Blameless (The Parasol Protectorate, #3)Blameless by Gail Carriger

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, it took me long enough to finally finish this. The problem of course was that I started it, university studies took over my life and then I only just got to take it up again last Saturday when travelling to Auckland.

This novel of manners with a supernatural inclination is witty, like the rest in the series, and draws smirks from the reader at regular intervals. Its Wodehousian and Heyeresque tone is deliciously fun loving, indeed the style of language the author employs has consistently been the factor that makes this series most enjoyable for me. The humour just shines through the words like sun streaming through a canopy of trees in a rainforest, winking at you incessantly.

I must confess though that I am not entirely enamoured with the lead character or her partner. But it should be noted that rare is the book that manages to make me love the protagonists. My preferences almost always lie with the often under-appreciated side characters. I was already much taken by Professor Lyall and Madame Lefoux from the earlier books and was happy to discover that in this book they had quite vital roles to play. Watching Lyall managing the pack and BUR because his alpha was too inebriated to be of any use and finding out a bit of Madame Lefoux's past was really interesting. I'd also developed an odd liking for Major Channing Channing of the Chesterfield Channings from the last book and thus enjoyed his appearances in the book though they were almost always mute. This book further improved in my eyes when it is hinted that Ivy Hisselpenny is perhaps not as air-headed as she wants everyone to think she is. Furthermore the events that occurred with Biffy near the end were quite a twist! I did not see it coming but am really interested to see where it goes next on that front. The aftermath scenes in Ivy's house and later in the BUR office were wonderfully written and I absolutely felt for all the characters concerned.

...and yes for those that read the book you probably noticed I haven't mentioned much about the main plot line of the book...yeah, oh well :P

Overall, for one who enjoys the sparkling wit of the books and adores the minor characters populating the Parasol Protectorate world this was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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17th-Sep-2010 10:26 pm - Random. Isn't it?
t_aimer found these really nice videos on youtube. They is well hardcore with all chav speak and shit. I want to watch them all day when I am doing homework and this and that. But you know what? I isn't allowed or something. They isn't good for productivity or some shit like that. This is me yeah: "they is awesome videos man!". And this is my conscience yeah: "you've gotta work on your research!". Is that unfair or what? That's like massively disrespecting of my craving for LOLZ. You know what I'm saying?

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So now that you all has rolled on the floor and laughed your ass off 'cause of these well funny sketches or whatever we can bling up t_aimer yeah? We can bling t_aimer up badly for affecting you emotionally. With issues. Don't deny it - you was laughing so bad you was almost crying! And that's like, discrimination - against your face muscles.

All right. I'm done posting. I did posting today twice and that's against health and safety or some shit like that. I've got to do research for my Masters now, it's like worth 50% of my grade and everything. Can they do that? Isn't that like racism but against grade point averages? I'm well vexed. It's hectic D: Laterz.
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16th-Sep-2010 01:56 pm - Obscurefandomfest: Day Two
To participate make an LJ post with pictures, quotes, videos, or any mixture thereof of books, tv shows or movies you think very few people on your flist know about. The idea is to take this as the chance to mention under-appreciated (but nevertheless much-loved by you) fandoms you don't normally get to squee about. And who knows - it may turn out that someone else on your flist actually holds a flame for the same obscure material as you! Feel free to continue this meme for however many days you wish to - it all depends on how many little known gems you wish to share after all.


If you asked me now who I am, the only answer I could give with any certainty would be my nameCollapse )

o_o So...  I ...just went off on a tangent complete with an essay-like comparison between The Great Gatsby and Brideshead Revisited. To be fair though, I vaguely saw that coming.

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."
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15th-Sep-2010 03:48 am - Obscurefandomfest: Day One
I just created a meme because I can:

Welcome to the Obscurefandomfest meme

When you see this (and if you want to participate) make an LJ post with pictures, quotes, videos, or any mixture thereof of books, tv shows or movies you think very few people on your flist know about. The idea is to take this as the chance to mention under-appreciated (but nevertheless much-loved by you) fandoms you don't normally get to squee about. And who knows - it may turn out that someone else on your flist actually holds a flame for the same obscure material as you! Feel free to continue this meme for however many days you wish to - it all depends on how many little known gems you wish to share after all.

Yes, you guessed quite right: this is Parul's unsubtle concoction of an excuse to post a pic/vid/link/quotespam of stuff probably none of you care about. For days on end. You have been forewarned. :P Also really she just thought these things deserved tags of their own on her journal and that can't happen unless she creates an entry...so yeah. Also, she don't know why she is talking in third person either. That only suits FMotWs (which she is no longer since the crown has passed on to someone else) or 'spunky'/'cool' hero/heroines of desi serials who have a bloated sense of ego.

For those curious click aheadCollapse )
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The final Wake Up Sid picspam! Dedicated to tehrashminator because the only person who loves this movie more than me is her ♥

chhad gaya dil ka re gharonda todke, re gharonda todke, gaya chhodkeCollapse )
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In the last picspam we saw Ayesha exploring Mumbai, Sid and Ayesha going shopping in the Bombay streets, Ayesha receiving a parcel from home and Ayesha's flat turning into a home that I covet.

So what do we get to drool over this time?

more pretty stuffCollapse )
I really don't know what to add to any of that? Words seem so completely inadequate to describe the utter gorgeousness that is this movie. There's one more picspam left and then I can hopefully get over the beauty that is each and every still in Wake Up Sid :P
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This is probably just me being weird but I complete adored Sid's various shirts in Wake Up Sid, so I decided one fine holiday that what this world really needs is a picspam of all his awesome kapde and I was just the one to do it! Ofcourse as it turns out, it is completely impossible to picspam just portions of Wake Up Sid and ignore the rest because the movie is so damn gorgeous! So in the end this has turned out to be more than just Sid's weird and wonderful collection of shirts but I am sure I shall hear none of you complaining :P Part 1 today, part 2 I'll get to tomorrow.

this is as dial up friendly as Debbie from Wake Up SidCollapse )
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