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"Ofcourse! It's a ...compliment. ...just a... compliment" 
21st-May-2011 10:35 pm
Oh how I wish they had filmed the whole song! So perfect a choice this was and then they only used a para or two. Aisa kaise chalega?. Feeling mighty DENIED.

Oh Captain, my Captain XD To use his own words out of context "bohat... kamaal ki shart lagaayi Cadet Huda ne". The ladies thank you Huda for putting the hapless Captain in this excruciating position. In BOTH cases as it turns out hehehe.

How much do I love that he instinctively went for Cadet Naina "Ah" Singh first? I used to roll my eyes so much at all those Rajveer/Naina fans thinking that it was all in their heads and the show wasn't gonna go there and if it did it would probably be just in Naina's head or blatantly something that would be forcefully tacked on to the show because it had to give into the fans demands. LITTLE DID I KNOW. Oh. so. little. In a way I am glad that even though I had some vague spoilers in my head when going in to watch the serial that I didn't have the entire picture because it was wonderful being surprised, won over and then delighted at all the turns this fantastic show took. It dealt with the Rajveer and Naina relationship in such an amazingly, heartbreakingly, lovely fashion, in fact I'm still surprised that an Indian serial managed to be so subtle and low key about romantic feelings of all things, and right till the very end at that. I shouldn't be though, after all everything else up until (what for me is) the last episode in this story was equally well developed and wonderfully portrayed too.

I seriously need to submit my research right now so I can go back to the first episode and start re-watching it all over again and this time writing about it. It has to happen.
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21st-May-2011 10:44 am (UTC)
LOL!!!! I only just realised that Rajeev is singing "haazir hai jaaaaaaaan" when the song is actually saying "rut hai jawaaaaaan". Koi nahin Rajeev, I keep screwing up the same way when I'm singing along during my umpteenth viewing of this video.

Also, I totally love that dance routine he did in the beginning, so in character for the Captain.
21st-May-2011 11:26 am (UTC)
LOL Take Two: I knew Yudi was sitting beside Aalekh cheering the Captain but he later somehow moves to the dance floor beside Doctor Shalini and behind the Captain, Naina and Ritu. Seriously, WHY XD Should he be drawing attention to himself while he's in drag? Only nautanki Yudiye would do such a thing. Oh and I suppose they needed to shift him off from Aalekh's side so Neelu could make her entrance there...

Note to self: Montage of every single time the Captain says "Cadet Naina Ah Singh" - make. it. happen. You know fandom needs it even if you're the only one in the fandom right now, having been a tubelight as usual in discovering this gem of a show about 5 years too late.

Also question no one is wondering but should: How come Huda is the only one of the cadets who doesn't have a nickname? He gave everyone one - Phoolan, Yudiye, Kaidi, Usool Bhai... oh huh wait I guess Pooja never got a nickname either, or maybe he gave her one and I can't remember. I shall happily research this during my re-watch ^_^
23rd-May-2011 10:18 am (UTC)
Saw Amir this Sunday, Rajeev was brilliant aur ismein nayi baat kya hai?

Note to self: Peggy Lee's It's A Good Day set to Bollywood/Serial characters waking up and doing stuff video. DO IT. Scenes from Wake Up Sid for instance and countless others. From waking up sequence (I guess you could show a couple of the characters in bed, struggling to get out, getting out), picking out clothes, going out - fun stuff!
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